How It Works

How it Works – How we Buy your House

Step 1 – Free Evaluation
Step 2 – Cash Offer
Step 3 – Agreement
Step 4 – Close the Deal

Selling your house to us can be done in four easy steps because we pay all cash for the house.
This is how it works – you sell your house to Fort Worth Home Buyers. The formal closing is usually less than one hour. You will leave with a cashier’s check – CASH !

The process is simple and most important, easy for you, the seller. After you have contacted us we will schedule a time to visit with you and look at your house. We will evaluate the all aspects of the home including its physical condition. Usually we will make you a cash offer – on the spot after our evaluation. If not, then you will receive an offer within 24 hours. Assuming you find the price acceptable, we will prepare a standard Texas real estate sales contract for the sale of the property. It will be signed by both the buyer (us) and the seller (you).

Next we will visit the title company so they can do their title research and provide all parties with a clear title. Once we know that the title can be transferred without any problems we will schedule a day and time for the final closing.

The closing is very straight forward and often requires less than an hour. The title company will process all of the documents and the seller (you) will receive cash for your house.

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