About Us

We are a real estate investment group that buys homes, rental houses, duplexes, apartments, and lots in Fort Worth.

We exist because property owners such as yourself often find themselves in an awkward or difficult situation with a property. The most common situations are usually divorce, impending foreclosure, a long repair list, or the inheritance of a house. And there are other situations that are not ideally suited for a traditional retail sale with a realtor in the Fort Worth area.

We buy houses throughout the Ft. Worth metro area with all cash offers.
We buy houses in “as-is” Condition – Any Condition

The traditional home sales model, with a realtor and a mortgage lender, doesn’t work well in many of these situations. Usually people don’t want to make the many repairs to Uncle Frank’s house that they just inherited. Working with multiple contractors can be a challenge and you have to pay the contractors before you sell the house. So the easy solution is to sell your house to a real estate group such as ours – Fort Worth Home Buyers.

We are here to make your situation easy – we pay you 100% Cash for your home. There is NO waiting for a realtor to sell your house. When we buy your house there are NO more mortgage payments, NO more real estate taxes, and NO more insurance payments.

Houses that need multiple repairs are good candidates to sell to our real estate investment group. Unless you have some knowledge of construction and experience working with contractors, you could find yourself “in over your head” with details and costs. There is no need for this huge headache or potential loss. Let us do the “heavy lifting.”

We can also help you avoid the “Lender Problems.” Mortgage lenders are notorious for declining to loan money to buyers who have a house under contract to purchase. One of our investment friends remodeled a house and sold it to 8 different buyers. The first 7 were all rejected by different mortgage lenders. Finally, the eighth buyer was accepted by a lender and the house was sold – 14 months later. As a seller, how many times do you want to live through these lender rejections?

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